BetMGM was founded in 2018 between MGM and European betting operator GVC Holdings, who operated major European brands like bwin at the time. Since then, BetMGM has launched across several states where sports betting is legal, including marquee sports betting states like New York and New Jersey. Since its 2018 launch, BetMGM has established itself as one of the top sportsbooks in the United States.

At BetMGM, bettors can expect several cutting-edge features that enhance the sports betting experience. They can also expect several BetMGM new player bonus options that cater to fans of different sports more than the promos at many of their competitors. But, most importantly, bettors can get involved with an impressive selection of pre-game and live betting options.

In this BetMGM review, bettors will learn all there is to know about wagering with BetMGM. In addition, bettors will determine what kinds of betting options are up for grabs and what features are available when they download BetMGM. While selecting which sportsbooks to use can be a matter of personal preference, nearly all bettors will agree that BetMGM is a solid choice to add to their sports betting repertoire.

BetMGM Live Betting Options

Live betting at BetMGM is a positive experience, as this bookmaker offers many options to choose from. There are plenty of choices regarding the number of sports available for live betting and the number of betting markets that are up for grabs within those sports. All of the major sports are covered, as is the case at most sportsbooks, but BetMGM does a great job of covering smaller sports.

For example, BetMGM live betting often features qualifying rounds and doubles matches in tennis. Many popular sportsbooks do not offer pre-match lines in those smaller markets within a niche sport. Therefore, BetMGM allows bettors to find value on those match types through live betting is a massive plus for bettors.

For those who like to place parlay bets, BetMGM also allows for parlays on live wagers. This is becoming more and more common among online sportsbooks. However, it is still worth noting as these can be used to amplify a bettor’s odds on the live betting selections they are interested in making across multiple sports.

BetMGM Live Betting Sports

Next, in our review of BetMGM, we will look at the core sports available for live betting at this sportsbook. We will also look at some of the bet types that are up for grabs within each sport. The most popular sports in America are covered here, and some of the less-heralded sports worthy of attention.


Football betting makes up most of the betting handle at BetMGM each year, and live betting on football is undoubtedly a part of that. For intricate prop bets, bettors can utilize several live betting markets, including spreads and totals. For example, bettors can wager on which team will be the first to get to a specific point total, with odds updated based on how possessions have gone for each team until then.


Whether it is college basketball or pro basketball, BetMGM offers plenty of live betting on basketball. One of the most interesting live betting options in this sport is the ability to wager on live player props. While these may not be available for college basketball based on state regulations and the number of games on the board, bettors can usually wager on player props like points, rebounds, and assists as games are ongoing.


In-play betting is also available on the game of baseball at BetMGM, as bettors can wager on games that are in progress from Opening Day to the World Series. All of the betting markets available in baseball are markets on whether or not individual players will record a hit in a game. These odds are updated throughout the game based on how previous plate appearances have played out.


Hockey can be an unpredictable sport, but that can mean a ton of value in the live betting marketplace. For example, BetMGM, bettors can wager on in-play markets, such as which team will score the next goal or how much scoring will occur in each period. With the changes in energy levels throughout shifts in hockey, there are plenty of opportunities to find value in these markets.


Golf betting is getting more popular, and live golf betting is also an option at BetMGM. Bettors can wager on outright winners of each tournament after it has started, with odds being updated based on the scores and how players have done to that point in the action.

BetMGM Top Features

BetMGM has several features that make it worth checking out, starting with the variety that comes from their BetMGM signup code. Instead of a BetMGM deposit bonus, bettors can benefit from insured bets or heavily boosted odds when getting started with this bookmaker. Those options have the potential to help a bettor build their bankroll with little to no stress.

BetMGM also offers several intriguing features for bettors after placing their bets. For example, the BetMGM cash-out feature allows bettors to pull their funds out of a bet if they see things starting to go wrong. There is also a bet editing function where players can change their wager before starting a sporting event, which can be helpful in some instances.

Parlay bettors have plenty to like about BetMGM, as players can put parlays together in several convenient ways. There is a parlay generator tool that lets players choose certain sports and a range of odds, with BetMGM putting a parlay together automatically based on those parameters. The easy parlay option lets bettors pick their parlay legs, with all of the odds in each bet type being easily accessible on one screen with minimal scrolling needed.

Bettors can also watch sports at BetMGM in some instances, with the potential for live streaming in select sports and leagues. Not all sports are represented with streaming rights at this bookmaker, but there are many cases where bettors can watch a matchup and place bets all on one screen from one app. This makes the sports betting experience all the more convenient, especially for bettors who are into live betting, as they can see the odds change in accordance with what is happening.