California is one of the marquee states in America for sports, as it has pro and college teams up and down the state. With five MLB teams, four NBA teams, three NFL teams, and a litany of college programs, it is no surprise that sports fandom in California is a big part of life. As a result, there is an appetite for California’s legal online sports betting that could soon result in legal sports wagering.

There are currently no California online sportsbooks that are legal yet, but voters may be able to change that in November of 2022. A petition to legalize online sports betting in the state received more than double the required number of signatures, making it likely that a ballot measure will be voted on Election Day. Online sports betting will be legalized in California if that measure gets enough votes.

This ballot measure has received opposition from tribal entities in California, pushing for their form of sports betting legalization. These tribal groups have a ballot measure of their own, seeking permission to offer land-based wagering only at tribal facilities in California. Which groups are successful in November will decide what sports betting looks like in one of the biggest markets in the United States.

Online Sports Betting In California: Hoping For Enough Votes

The main thing holding back online sports betting in California is time. Ballot measures for online and retail sports betting will likely make it onto the ballot for November 2022. Once that happens, the question will be whether or not there are enough votes in California to make sports betting legal and in what capacity it will be legal.

Early polls in 2021 and 2022 suggest that Californians are pretty evenly split on whether or not lawmakers should legalize online sports betting. However, most polls only get around 1,000 responses and have proven to be less than reliable when predicting the people’s will when they vote. We likely will not know just how popular any ballot measures are until Election Day.

Should sports betting be legalized in California, it is expected that several of the big names in the industry will look to operate there. While specifics on tax rates and application costs could impact bookmakers’ involvement, books like DraftKings and FanDuel would be considered the most likely options for Californians. The question would then be which bookmakers, if any, would join them.

Live Betting At California Online Sportsbooks

Live betting is not yet legal in California, as sports gambling has not yet been legalized in-person or online. However, once it is made legal, in-game betting in California would likely resemble the in-play betting options in other states with legal sports gambling. Here is what bettors can expect in live betting markets regarding should sports betting be made legal soon.


All of the top live betting apps California could offer in the future would feature moneyline betting. With live moneyline betting, bettors are asked to predict which side will win a specific sporting event, with the odds being updated throughout each matchup based on what has happened so far. With live moneyline betting, it is possible to bet on both sides at odds that guarantee a profit if a bettor pays close enough attention to the odds.


Point spread betting would be another staple of live betting in California once it is made legal. The point spread is also adjusted throughout each game based on what has happened so far, meaning that bettors can wager on spreads that are not available before the game in some cases. Depending on how both teams perform, this can result in betting on pre-game favorites as in-game underdogs or vice versa.


In totals betting, the goal is to predict whether the amount of scoring in a game will be over or under the total set by a bookmaker. With in-game totals betting, those over/under numbers are adjusted depending on how much scoring takes place and what impact the game situation is expected to have on future scoring. For example, if two teams get off to a fast start, in-game totals are likely to increase.


Finally, prop bets are an integral part of the live betting experience and would likely remain in California. With in-play prop betting, bettors can wager on intricate details of the sporting events they are watching, such as which team will be the next to score or the next method of scoring.

Live Betting Options At California Online Sportsbooks

While California sportsbooks are not yet legal, we can look at other states to get an idea of what types of live betting will be available when live betting comes to California. Here is a look at the sports that will regularly have live betting options available if and when sports betting is legalized in the Golden State.

  • Baseball
  • Basketball
  • Football
  • Hockey
  • MMA/Boxing
  • Motorsports
  • Tennis
  • Golf

How Do I Know That Online Sports Betting in California Is Fair?

Who Regulates Legal Online Sportsbooks In California?

There is no regulatory body assigned to sports betting in California, as sports betting has not been made legal there just yet. A couple of potential governing bodies could be assigned to that task once sports gambling is legalized, though. The Department of Consumer Affairs or the Bureau of Gambling Control are viable options to fill that role, but it all depends on whether or not sports betting is made legal.

Why Should I Trust Legal Online Sportsbooks?

Any legal online sportsbooks that come to California will be trustworthy out of necessity to the sportsbooks themselves. If a sportsbook fails to uphold its obligations to California sports bettors somehow, it could lose its license to operate in California going forward. That would mean losing out on one of the largest markets in the United States, which would do tremendous damage to that bookmaker.

How Do I Get Paid If I Win?

If and when sports betting is legalized in California, it would be expected that getting paid would be incredibly easy. Bettors in most legal sportsbook states can get paid via bank transfers, online wallets like PayPal, and even physical checks. Of course, these methods can vary by sportsbook, but California bettors should have no shortage of options if legal sports betting arrives there.