Fliff offers a different type of sports gaming experience versus traditional sportsbooks in the marketplace. 

Founded in 2021, Fliff has introduced a social sports betting product where the goal is to have fun predicting the outcomes of sporting events without the same financial implications. Players who download Fliff can use it in 42 U.S. states, thanks to the fact that it is a social sportsbook rather than a real-money operation.

Rather than using real money, Fliff users are able to use Fliff Coins (play money) and Fliff Cash (sweepstakes credits) to place their wagers. The focus at Fliff is for bettors to learn how to bet on sports and to sharpen their skills in an environment that is similar to what players would see at a traditional sportsbook.

In this Fliff review, players will find out how to utilize this social sportsbook experience. We will break down how the Fliff new player bonus works, along with the types of bets that can be made there. While Fliff presents a different approach to sports betting, the components of Fliff are still similar to what bettors will find elsewhere, just with a few twists.

Fliff Live Betting

Live betting at Fliff is better in quality than at any other free-to-play sports betting site on the market today. The offerings at Fliff are comparable to what bettors would see at a number of real money sports betting operators.

When taking part in live betting at Fliff, bettors should be sure to check out BetPrep’s live betting tools. Using sophisticated data rather than guesswork, these tools can help bettors find value in the live betting markets. Using these tools at Fliff can help bettors make more informed decisions on live events, which is great practice for real money sports gambling.

Fliff Live Betting Sports

From a live betting perspective, Fliff has bettors covered in impressive fashion. Bettors can wager on everything from popular sports to small, niche sports as they are happening, with odds updated throughout each matchup. Here, we will take a look at the major sports where live betting is available at Fliff.


No review of Fliff is complete without talking about the football betting markets that are available on the site. While the focus for most bettors is on in-play spreads, moneyline, and totals, there are also live prop bets pertaining to quarters and halves. For bettors who are observant and watch football games closely, this can mean some serious value when betting on football games live.


Fliff also has basketball covered from a live betting perspective in a way that includes several intriguing props. Bettors can place wagers on which team will be first to reach specific point totals or to win individual quarters of action. These types of markets are up for grabs in both professional and college basketball.


Baseball may not have the same buzz around it as football and basketball, but Fliff’s live betting does cover the sport nicely. Bettors can wager on everything from which team will win each game to the level of scoring that will happen during each inning. 


The fast-paced nature of hockey makes it an exciting sport as it is, and the thrill of the sport is only amplified by Fliff’s live betting platform. Bettors are able to test their predictive abilities on markets such as which team will score next on the ice along with which side will outperform the other in individual periods.


Tennis is also available for live betting at Fliff. Sports fans have live betting options in this sport allowing them to pick who will win a set or a match, and how many service games it will take.

Fliff Top Features

The most intriguing features at Fliff are based around the currency system on the site. Without real money involved, Fliff Coins (play money) and Fliff Cash (sweepstakes credits) are used to place bets instead. Bettors can buy Fliff Coins, and with each purchase get a Fliff Cash reward. Fliff Cash can be redeemed for cash prizes.

Signing up at Fliff entitles players to start with a balance of Fliff Coins, which they can use to place wagers. Bettors can use those winnings to climb the app’s leaderboards and establish themselves as the best sports bettors around.

The Fliff app itself is another feature worth noting, as the platform is only available on mobile devices. 

Overall, Fliff checks the vast majority of the boxes that a player would want from a sports gaming site. For sports fans who want to learn about sports predictions, Fliff is a great option.