In-Game Betting 101

In-Game Betting 101

In-game betting has become one of the most popular ways to wager on sporting events, especially as new opportunities become available. Improvements in technology have made in-game betting (aka live betting) a cutting edge experience, and live betting now uses real-time stats and data provided by professional teams. 

This article will discuss some of the best in-game betting opportunities and some of the top sports to focus on. There are also some specific sportsbooks that have better live betting options than the others. 

The popularity of in-game betting will only grow as time goes on, and will continue to be a great betting option.

How Does Live Betting Work?

Live betting works in the same way as placing a pregame wager, but that bet is simply made while a game is going on. This also means that you don’t have a ton of time to think about your bet because that option could be gone if you wait too long.

Futures betting is one option you won’t see offered live, but all of the other top options will be. You will be able to place a moneyline, spread, or totals bet on all of the major U.S. and international sports. 

An example of this type of betting might be making a wager at halftime of an NFL game. Sportsbooks will have lines set for that game, and you can bet on a team to come back and win if you so choose. 

Live betting can also be used to bet on props, and those odds will change as the game goes on as well. If an NFL quarterback has a big first half, then you could wager on him to stay hot or struggle to keep up the pace in the second half. 

Another form of live betting is even more broken down as you can actually place a bet on what the next play will be in some sports. DraftKings is known for offering “instant” betting options, which could be plentiful depending on the game. 

Online sportsbooks provide more live betting opportunities than retail sportsbooks because those online sportsbooks have the data to offer lines in real-time. You can still place an in-game wager at a retail sportsbook, but your options will be limited. 

The Best Sportsbooks For Live Betting

DraftKings Sportsbook

DraftKings Sportsbook live betting will be one of the best in the industry as this is one of the biggest operators. If you are looking to place a live bet on a sporting event, then this is the sportsbook that you should be looking at. Not only will you find the most in-game betting options, but you can also find promotions or odds boosts on these options. 


Online sportsbook live betting is available at PointsBet as well, and you can try out points betting, which makes this sportsbook unique. When it comes to PointsBet, this sportsbook is known for having some of the most competitive odds and unique betting options. This is an international sportsbook, and you will find both U.S. and international sports to wager on. 


BetMGM is another huge name in the online sports betting industry, including live betting. You will find a long list of live betting options at BetMGM, with basketball and football being the best sports to wager on. One nice thing about BetMGM is that you can receive some insurance for placing these types of wagers. 


Fliff Sportsbook is free-to-play, and you will be playing against others instead of betting against the sportsbook. Peer-to-peer wagering has started to become more popular now that it has been approved in some states. You will find opportunities to place in-game bets against your friends on a wide range of sporting events at Fliff. 


Underdog is a sportsbook that specializes in fantasy sports, and that’s a bit different than placing an actual wager. Even though fantasy is the focus of Underdog, you will still find some games or contests that look at games that are already underway. Underdog is usually available at the biggest sporting events. 

Live Betting Sports


The NFL is the most popular sport to wager on in the United States, and it provides plenty of sports live betting opportunities. One nice thing about in-game betting on the NFL is that it’s not a sport with many score changes. Point spread betting is extremely common when it comes to the NFL, so taking a losing team to come back and cover a 2.5-point spread would be an example of a bet that can be placed. 


The NBA is another popular sport to wager on, and it’s popular to watch because there is so much action. Live betting on the NBA can happen quickly, and you will see the betting odds and lines change with nearly every single possession. One of the most popular in-game betting options when it comes to the NBA is looking at the total number of points scored. The over/under lines will change with each bucket, and taking the two teams to combine to hit the over 215.5 points is an example of a bet that can be made on the NBA. 


Major League Baseball is not always a popular sport to wager on, but it can be a great option for in-game betting at online sportsbooks. This is a sport that moves at a pretty slow pace at times, and there are breaks between every half-inning. Player prop betting is big when it comes to MLB, and that provides some unique in-game betting options. Taking a player to get a hit in his next at-bat or drive in a run is a type of bet that you can make. 


NHL is another sport where the action comes pretty fast, and that always makes in-game betting a bit difficult. Despite that fact, you will find good live betting opportunities, especially when it comes to picking a winner. Betting the moneyline is always a good option when it comes to the NHL, and finding valuable odds and betting on the moneyline is a great example of NHL live betting. 


Soccer is a sport that sometimes finishes with very few goals, and betting on the exact final score is always a good option. You can also bet on each soccer game to be tied at the end of regulation, and those odds can sometimes be valuable. In-game betting and picking the exact final score are good ways to bet on a soccer match.