Maryland sports betting is legal, with retail sports betting going live in December 2021. But Maryland online sportsbooks are not up and running, as delays surrounding the details of online sports betting have pushed things back considerably for sports bettors who want to wager online. So, for now, the question in Maryland is whether or not online sports betting is going to launch by the end of 2022.

Maryland’s legal online sports betting details are unclear, as lawmakers and state authorities have yet to iron them out entirely. The number of sportsbooks that will launch in the state is unknown, as are the specifics on who will be allowed to offer online sports betting. Pro sports teams like the Baltimore Orioles may be allowed to get involved when sports gambling is launched online.

In Maryland, the timing of the launch of online sports betting will be very important to bettors and the state alike. Football betting is the most popular form of wagering in the United States, and whether or not sports betting launches in time for football season is going to be something that many bettors want to see happen.

Maryland Online Sports Betting: Waiting For Launch

Online sports betting in Maryland was legalized in November of 2020, as a ballot measure was passed in the state legalizing sports betting. That legalization has led to retail sports betting in the state at multiple locations throughout Maryland. However, it has yet to result in the launch of online sports gambling in the state.

Maryland online sports betting is not up and running yet, as delays have come from the state legislature. Those delays have prevented details from ironing out surrounding licensing and which sportsbooks have permission to operate in the state. However, it is expected that many of the biggest names in sports betting will be able to operate in Maryland when online sports betting is cleared for launch.

Sportsbooks such as DraftKings, FanDuel, and BetMGM have been very aggressive about expanding into new states once legal sports betting is permitted. They would be among those expected to launch in Maryland when sports betting is allowed via mobile devices, along with the possibility of other sports betting sites joining them. However, the details for mobile sports betting in Maryland are still to be ironed out by the state government soon.

Live Betting At Maryland Online Sportsbooks

While online sports betting is not yet legal in Maryland, live betting will surely be a part of the equation once online sports gambling does launch in the state. Here, we will look at the types of in-play bets that bettors will be able to place at the top live betting apps Maryland has to offer post-launch.


With moneyline betting, the mission is simple for bettors in Maryland: to successfully predict which team is going to win the game in question. While this is easier said than done, this is the most accessible type of bet to understand as the goal is to pick the winner with no further conditions needed. Additionally, with this type of live wager, the odds for each side to win are updated as each game progresses.


Point spread betting is also an option for live betting once Maryland launches its online sports gambling across the state. Here, bettors are tasked with picking the winner with a handicap applied to the side they bet on, with the spreads being updated based on what has happened in the game. With this type of bet, getting a much better point spread number is often possible than what was initially available.


Totals betting, or the over/under asks bettors to focus their predictions on how much scoring takes place in a given sporting event. Bettors can choose whether the number of points scored in each contest will go over or under the number set by the sportsbook for that game. This market can also provide plenty of value to live bettors, as the totals are updated based on the tempo and efficiency of both offenses.


Live prop bets are becoming more and more popular in live sports betting and are likely to be offered in Maryland when the time comes. Players can wager on everything from the amount of scoring that individual players will do to props such as which team will score next in a game.

What To Live Bet On At Maryland Online Sportsbooks

Maryland live betting is not legal yet, but other states have given us a look at what in-game betting in Maryland will look like. Here is a look at the sports that should feature most prominently when Maryland bettors are given a chance to place in-play wagers at the online sportsbooks of their choice.

  • Baseball
  • Basketball
  • Football
  • Hockey
  • MMA/Boxing
  • Motorsports
  • Tennis
  • Golf

How Do I Know That Online Sports Betting In Maryland Is Fair?

Who regulates legal online sportsbooks in Maryland?

Maryland online sports betting is likely to be regulated by the Maryland Lottery and Gaming Control Commission. They have also been tasked with regulating the retail sports gambling in the state, which is currently up and running. In addition, this organization must make sure that sports gambling in the state is done fairly and under the laws that the Maryland state government has set up.

Why should I trust legal online sportsbooks?

To put it bluntly, sportsbooks need to be trustworthy to remain eligible to operate in states such as Maryland. When online sports betting launches in this state, any failure by sportsbooks to operate per the state’s regulations could result in those bookmakers losing their licenses. That would cost them a great deal financially, something that no bookmaker would risk in as lucrative a market as the United States.

How do I get paid if I win?

Most sportsbooks offer a wide range of payment options if a bettor turns a profit. Options such as bank transfers, PayPal, and even physical checks are possible, depending on the sportsbook and the state’s final set of rules.