PointsBet was founded in 2015 and began as a sportsbook in Australia before making it to the United States in 2018. Since then, PointsBet has launched its online sportsbook in a number of U.S. states, forging partnerships with pro sports teams like the Denver Nuggets and Indiana Pacers to get their name out there. 

In addition to the company’s unmistakable marketing presence, PointsBet has launched an interesting betting product that features some unique wagering options.

Bettors who download the PointsBet mobile sports betting app will notice an entirely unique form of betting. The “PointsBetting” wagering type allows bettors to win or lose more money on a bet depending on the margin of victory.

This PointsBet review gives bettors everything they need to know about betting options, new player bonuses, and special features available at the online sportsbook.

While PointsBet might not be the biggest name in sports betting in the United States, there are plenty of reasons to check this bookmaker out.

PointsBet Live Betting Options

PointsBet’s live betting product might be the best in the world of sports betting today, thanks to their “Always On” live betting feature.

At other sportsbooks, betting lines such as the point spread will be taken down and adjusted when big plays happen in the course of a game. With the Always On feature at PointsBet, those lines are never taken down and are simply adjusted over the course of each game.

The Always On feature allows bettors to find value in the live betting markets where other sportsbooks might shut those markets down momentarily. The amount of time a bettor will have to take advantage of this feature is small, but those small windows can make a huge difference in profitability in live betting.

The functionality of the Always On feature was tested during the early stages of the NFL playoffs at the end of the 2021 season. The expectation is that bettors will be able to utilize it again during the 2022 NFL season, as the NFL is the most popular form of sports wagering in the U.S. 

With bettors experiencing fewer rejected wagers due to changes in the betting odds under this system, it promises to be a much better experience for all parties involved.

PointsBet Live Betting Sports

Next up in our review of PointsBet, we take a look at the availability of core sports in the live betting markets. PointsBet has an impressive selection of in-play wagers across the sports that fans care about the most. As a result, their live betting experience is among the best in the business.


There is no more popular sport to bet on in America than football, and PointsBet has it covered very effectively. Bettors can wager on pro and college football as it is happening, with the ability to wager on everything from updated game odds to the outcome of individual drives that are upcoming for each team.


Basketball is an underrated sport for live betting, and PointsBet has an impressive selection of in-play wagers for basketball fans. In addition to standard betting markets like the spread and total, bettors can wager on granular props such as who will score next and which team will be the first to get to specific point totals throughout the contest.


In hockey, PointsBet has also collected an array of live betting markets that go far beyond simply predicting which team is going to win a game. The outcome of individual periods, which team will score next, and whether or not overtime will come into play are some of the enhanced hockey markets that can be bet on while a game is in progress.


There are nine innings in a standard baseball game, and PointsBet allows bettors to have action on every last one of them with their in-play options. PointsBet offers live betting on the outcome of each individual inning, as well as the result of the first five or seven innings. For those looking for more to bet on than simple nine-inning results, this bookmaker has it covered.


Finally, tennis betting is a prominent component of the live betting product at PointsBet. Bettors can wager on updated match result markets, along with the results of each individual service game of a match. For bettors who can predict when a break of serve is coming, this site can reward them handsomely.

PointsBet Top Features

When it comes to the features at PointsBet, the PointsBet signup code is the most worth checking out. New players can get two risk-free bets worth up to $2,000 in the place of a PointsBet deposit bonus. As a result, bettors can place their first two bets with PointsBet with peace of mind, knowing that they will be reimbursed in the event that their first two wagers are not successful.

PointsBet offers a number of other features that will be of interest to sports bettors, starting with their cash out feature. With the PointsBet cash out option, bettors can claim a portion of the winnings from their bet before a matchup is completed. This is a great way to protect against a late comeback from the other side, avoiding losing a bet entirely in situations where a bettor’s pick is struggling to hold on.

Another feature that bettors will be interested in at PointsBet is their regular parlay boosts. Bettors are able to get enhanced prices on both same game parlays and traditional parlays on a daily basis. These can restore some of the value of parlay bets, making them worth playing in cases where they may not have been at their original price.

PointsBet does also offer live streaming to players in cases where it is available from a media rights perspective. While PointsBet is like other sportsbooks in that they do not have streaming for events in major sports like the NFL or NBA just yet, bettors can stream sports like soccer and tennis on a regular basis. 

It is possible that PointsBet will secure the streaming rights to other sports and leagues in the future, furthering the benefits of wagering with them.