Texas has several major cities with pro and college sports teams, making it one of the premier states in the United States from a sporting perspective. As a result, legalized sports betting would be massively popular if made legal throughout the state. However, that has not taken place yet and does not appear to be on the horizon in the immediate future in the Lone Star State.

Sports betting is not legal, as attempts to bring Texas online sportsbooks from dream to reality have stalled so far. This can be attributed in part to the political makeup of Texas, which has been resistant to efforts to legalize new additions to industries such as gambling and cannabis. While the estimated tax revenue associated with Texas legal online sports betting would be thought to make a huge difference in this state, lawmakers have not moved far into the legalization process just yet.

It is interesting to note that the Houston Astros have forged a partnership with popular sportsbook BetMGM, even with sports betting being illegal in the state for now. If sports betting is legalized in the future, more partnerships between teams and sportsbooks can be expected. But, soon, any such partnerships will not give Texans the ability to wager on sports legally.

Texas Online Sports Betting: A While Left To Wait

The 2021 legislative session in Texas did not result in sports betting being legalized, which means that the waiting period for sports bettors in Texas will be a long one. The state legislature in Texas meets every two years, and the next legislative session will not take place until 2023. That means that 2023 is the next opportunity for sports betting to be legalized in Texas.

While there is no hope for the legalization of sports gambling before 2023, plenty of changes can take place before then that can help future legalization efforts. Forthcoming elections in Texas could propel more pro-gambling legislators into office, though that would depend on several elections. It is up to Texans and those running for office to determine the chances of legal sports betting in 2023 and beyond.

Fortunately for those in Texas looking for legal sports betting action, there is at least a chance of legalization one day. The state constitution does not ban wagering like a state as Utah does. At the very least, this means that additional legislation is something for politicians to debate.

Live Betting At Texas Online Sportsbooks

There are no names on the list when it comes to the top live betting apps Texas has to offer, as sports betting is not yet legal there. However, in the future, it is possible that in-game betting in Texas will be made legal, which would allow bettors to wager on sporting events while they are in progress. Should that happen in 2023 or later, bettors should develop an understanding of the following live betting markets that could materialize.


If Texas live betting is ever made legal, moneyline betting will be one of the most popular markets on the board. With live moneyline betting, the goal is to predict which team will win a sporting event that is being played. Odds to win each game are updated with every play during a game, allowing bettors to find more value in the moneyline market than is typically available before a game starts.


Live point spread betting also has odds that are updated as each play takes place during each matchup. Here, the point spread is moved up and down based on the anticipated margin of victory at each point in a game. If one team is vastly outperforming another, the spread will be made much larger than it was at the start of the game, and it is up to bettors to determine what the trajectory of the rest of the game will look like.


Totals betting, also known as over/under betting, requires bettors to accurately predict whether the amount of scoring in a game will go over or under the amount listed by bookmakers at a given time. With live betting, the total is moved up or down depending on factors like offensive efficiency on both sides, the tempo of the game, and injuries. As a result, bettors can often take advantage of fast or slow starts by each side when betting on in-play totals.


Prop bets do not focus on which team will win a game but rather on small portions of the games instead. Live prop bets allow bettors to wager on how individual players will perform in various statistical categories and entertaining markets, such as how the next scoring play will unfold. While these markets can be more volatile than markets like spreads and totals, they can also be significantly more entertaining.

What To Live Bet On At Texas Online Sportsbooks

Texas sportsbooks are not yet legal, and live betting is not up for grabs just yet. But bettors can look at other states to get an idea of what the live betting marketplace will look like if Texas sports betting does come to fruition in the future. Here is a look at the sports where live betting will be commonly offered when legal sports betting comes to Texas.

  • Baseball
  • Basketball
  • Football
  • Hockey
  • MMA/Boxing
  • Motorsports
  • Tennis
  • Golf

How do I know that online sports betting in Texas is fair?

Who regulates legal online sportsbooks in Texas?

There is no clearly defined regulatory body for sports betting in Texas right now, as sports betting is not yet legal in the state. The state lottery could be assigned as the organization regulating sports gambling in the Lone Star State, or lawmakers could specifically create a new agency to regulate Texas sports betting. The state would iron out those details once sports betting is legal in Texas.

Why should I trust legal online sportsbooks?

Legal online sportsbooks are required to uphold each state’s standards to stay in business in each state. If and when Texas sports betting is made legal, lawmakers will come up with those terms, and sportsbooks will be required to follow them. Failure to do so would see bookmakers lose their licenses in Texas, giving bookmakers a vested interest in being trustworthy.

How do I get paid if I win?

States with legal sports betting have made it very easy for bettors to get paid quickly when they win their wagers. Bettors can cash physical checks or get paid online through their bank account or services such as PayPal. The process is quick and easy, thanks mainly to regulations that have prioritized fast and convenient payouts.