Underdog Fantasy is one of the fastest-growing names in sports betting, as their season-long and daily fantasy sports contests have made sporting events more interesting for many users. 

Founded in 2020, the site allows players to take part in everything from traditional fantasy drafts to taking part in player props that fit nicely with the fantasy focus of the site. Those who download Underdog will not be disappointed in the number of betting options at their disposal.

One of the most impressive components of Underdog Fantasy’s offerings is the sheer number of leagues that are available to wager on. Bettors who have in-depth knowledge of niche sports leagues will love the list of options available here, as they can showcase their knowledge of the players in those lesser-known leagues.

In this Underdog review, bettors will find out just what types of betting and new player bonuses are available to them at Underdog. They will also find out what is on the horizon for this brand, as big changes are coming that will greatly enhance the sports betting experience at Underdog.

Underdog Live Betting Options

There is no live betting at Underdog Sportsbook just yet, as this operator currently deals exclusively in fantasy contests. Bettors can play in season-long fantasy contests or get involved with daily fantasy contests. The daily fantasy contests are the most interesting offering at Underdog at this point in time, as players can wager on specific outcomes in different player prop categories.

Players are able to wager on individual player performances in categories such as scoring, shots taken, and other individual statistical areas. These bets come in the form of over/under, where bettors can use their knowledge of different players’ tendencies to find value in these markets. Several strategies can be employed to take on these player prop markets, and it is up to each player to determine which strategy works best for them.

It should also be noted that live betting will be a part of the offerings at Underdog in the future, as they plan on adding traditional sportsbook options to the site in the future. Once that happens, live betting will be available in addition to the fantasy options mentioned above. That will make for a much more well-rounded wagering experience once it is up and running.

Underdog Sports To Bet On

Arguably the biggest positive in the opinion of this review of Underdog is the fact that the platform goes in-depth with all of the core sports that they have to offer. Bettors can wager on a wide variety of leagues and an interesting selection of betting markets within those leagues. Here, we will take a look at the betting options in the major sports at Underdog Fantasy.


In football, bettors can wager on the NFL or lower-tier professional leagues like the USFL, which can really spice things up. Bettors can wager on players’ performance in categories like passing, rushing, and receiving yardage ahead of each game. While football can be difficult to predict from a statistical standpoint, the ability to take advantage of smaller leagues is very alluring at Underdog.


Basketball bettors will also be impressed with the league selection available at Underdog. In addition to the NBA, bettors can wager on WNBA player props, which can be more beatable given that less attention is paid to the WNBA than the NBA. Categories like points, rebounds, and assists can be bet on in this sport.


Baseball might have the most interesting selection of player props to bet on at Underdog. In addition to categories like hits and strikeouts, players can wager on markets such as the number of pitches thrown by a pitcher during a game. 


The NHL is well-represented at Underdog Fantasy, as bettors can put money on props on the offensive and defensive end of the ice. Bettors can wager on goals and shots attempted by attacking players and can also bet on saves and goals allowed by goaltenders.


Soccer has betting markets that are similar to those of hockey, as players can bet on shots attempted, goals scored and goals allowed. The difference is the number of leagues where those markets are offered in soccer, as leagues like the Premier League and Champions League are represented at Underdog.

Underdog Sportsbook Top Features

The first feature worth pointing out when looking at Underdog Fantasy is the Underdog Sportsbook signup code that is up for grabs. The current Underdog Sportsbook deposit bonus is a 100% match for new players up to $100. Those funds can be used to join season-long or daily fantasy contests, including the player prop offerings that are a staple of the site.

From a features perspective, Underdog is lacking compared to more traditional sportsbooks. For example, there is no Underdog Sportsbook cash out feature, which has become commonplace at more traditional bookmakers. Bettors are also unable to live stream sporting events, which is becoming a more regular feature at legal bookmakers throughout the United States.

The lack of live player props is also unfortunate, especially with the number of niche leagues that are available to bet on pre-game. This is something that could be introduced in the future when traditional sports betting is introduced at Underdog. For now, though, the value of live betting cannot be exploited at Underdog.

The future could bring many of those features to Underdog Fantasy, though, as their sports betting offerings could make those features a practical part of the site. Things like live betting and live streaming could become a part of Underdog’s repertoire once more traditional sportsbook options come into the picture. It is clear that the future of Underdog is an exciting one, as they have indicated that they have plans to expand their offerings to the benefit of their players.

One major question will be where Underdog’s sports betting product will be operational when it does come to market. Unlike daily fantasy sports contests, which tend to be available in most of the United States, legal online sportsbooks are available in fewer locations. Where the full list of features will be available at Underdog could determine how popular the future sportsbook from this brand will be.